Charis compassion - Covid 2020

Charis compassion during Covid pandemic

This lady is a pastor who always receives her monthly food kit as a direct blessing from God!

From April-December 2020 Charis has been busy distributing up to 100 food kits monthly to the most vulnerable in 8 villages. The elderly and disabled, widows with orphaned grandchildren, families in need. The Coronavirus has pushed up local prices of staple products leaving already poor families struggling to survive. We thank God for the faithful provision of His people enabling us to reach out practically with God’s love in this way.

This family of 11 children with no father is a massive burden to feed!
Americo in Bandua explains how to cook these vitamin enriched food packs to a poor blind man.

In October the Mozambican team travelled up to Bandua the centre of the 2019 mega cyclone to assess the needs there. Thousands still reside in temporary accommodation in the resettlement camps but thankfully are still receiving food aid from organisations like World Food Programme. However the team found many people outside the camps struggling to survive. We distributed food packs donated through our friend Luke.
So grateful for seed help!

In October we distributed lots of seed in the villages to those who have ‘machambas’ (small farms). Peanuts, beans, corn. The need for good harvests is obviously great for these poor people who live off what they grow. We continue to pray for rain. Inhambane province has been suffering from drought for many months.
Teresa our friend and sister is longing for rain.
Charis has helped establish a number of community gardens in the villages. 10 families work on and receive from thThis one in Machocamane by the lake is producing well!