Charis Ministries Update May 2021

Refugees Cabo Delgado

The conflict has recently forced tens of thousands to flee their homes as well as leaving many children like these orphaned refugees.

Since 2017 the province of Cabo Delgado in the North of Mozambique has been suffering from devastating attacks by groups of Islamist insurgents. These groups are mainly made up of local young Muslim men who have been recruited by local fundamentalist preachers with a basically socialist message that Sharia law would bring equality and everyone would share in the coming resource wealth.

The barbarity experienced in the conflict is horrendous with reports of beheadings, killing of innocent women and children and setting fire to countless homes. It is no wonder that since the conflict began more than 700,000 people have been displaced fleeing in fear to neighbouring provinces. The scale of need is massive. There are thousands without adequate shelter, food, medicines and water.

In April Charis sent funds to Mark and Les Harper (Provisao Mocambique) to help local Cabo Delgado pastors, who are caring for refugee families, providing food, blankets and tarpaulins. The severity of the conflict has increased over recent months. Please pray for this situation, for the Mozambican government to respond with active compassion and for the international community to get involved. Please pray for the thousands of displaced families who have had to leave their homes and are struggling to survive, who have lost loved ones and for the traumatized children, innocent victims of a cruel and crazy war.